How To Create A Skin Care Regimen

How To Create A Skin Care Regimen

Skin care regimens are the norm for some of us. However, for some it is a foreign concept. For others it is something that is overwhelming to even think about. Let's see if we can break it down and get a better understanding.

Let's start with terminology. The meaning of REGIMEN is a systematic plan designed to improve and maintain health. This goes for skin care as well 😉 Speaking of skin care, did you know that SKINCARE and SKIN CARE mean two different things? Skincare refers to products while skin care involves caring for and treating your skin.

Why are skin care regimens necessary?

The answers are going to vary from person to person. Maybe you:

  • Want to reduce visible lines and or wrinkles
  • Want to reduce acne breakouts
  • Want to have a more youthful appearance
  • Want to fade hyperpigmentation aka sun-damaged skin or melasma
  • Want to fade old acne scars
  • Want to have smoother skin texture
  • Want to have more even complexion

It could be any number of reasons for why skin care regimens are necessary. Most importantly, you have to figure out your "why".

Then determine what it is you want to achieve, what are your skin goals?

Where are you starting from? Do you currently have any type of a skin care regimen? I ask this for a reason. If someone is used to doing a few steps already then they can add another step without feeling overwhelmed. Of course adding a step will be based on their "why" and their "skin goals".

If someone currently has no sort of skin care regimen, starting out with 5 steps is a set-up for failure. It's just not going to happen. But if I said just do these 2 steps, then they would feel much more comfortable and most likely to be able to keep this up.

My rule with my clients is to baby-step them into a regimen. I start people off in their comfort zone. I have them do the regimen twice a day for a month or so. The goal is to have them become so comfortable with it that you no longer have to think about the steps. Then I will add another product. Again, do this for a month or so, then I will add in another step. This is repeated until the desired products are being used on a consistent and regular bases. The number of steps and products are based on the individual and their skin goals.

It is possible for anyone to create and begin a skin care regimen at any given time, as long as they want it bad enough. I am always here to help recommend and suggest products, email me at This will allow me to much more thorough and be able to help you achieve your skin goals. But if you don't need my guidance and you want to try some products, I hope you will consider my vegan skincare collection :)

Skin care is a journey and I am here to help guide you ❤️




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