Do you spend more $$ on makeup or skin care products?

Do you spend more $$ on makeup or skin care products?

I see a lot of makeup videos out there and there's a lot of layering going on. There seems to be a lot of steps in a majority of these makeup videos. I am just wondering why? I mean makeup can be fun, I am a former published freelance makeup artist. But what I did was for photo-shoots, fashion shows, bridal, private events, etc. Not just a daily application.  I'm really wondering if these same people are using high-quality skin care products and doing the steps in a proper skin care regimen as well? 

Why are so many people covering up their skin?? 

The main reason people apply makeup is to cover up, right? Well, if you could improve your skin, maybe you wouldn't be so quick to cover it up. Is this a fair statement? If people invested in their skin, the largest organ of their body, as much as they invested in makeup, perhaps they might just start to love their skin (again). For some reason people don't think about the consequences of neglecting their skin until it's too late. Skin is something that you have to commit to, it's not something you can feel like treating occasionally. 

Maybe I should come up with a challenge or something to see who's really up for changing their ways.🤔 We are all beautiful in our own way, shouldn't our skin reflect that?! I want to know who's ready to make a change. Who's ready to take their skin care seriously?  I will tell you this, it is well worth it! However, it is a process. Skin care is a lifelong journey and I am here to help guide those who want it. 

Let's transform our skin into something that we can be proud of and want to show off!

Out of curiosity, who's willing to be completely honest?? 

If you are willing to be completely honest with yourself and with me, email me at and tell me that your ready to transform your skin. Tell me how much money you spend on any and everything that has to do with makeup and how much you spend on skin care, if you have a skin care regimen and if you get facials regularly or at all. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

If you are reading my blog, there's a part of you that is ready for a change. You have been wanting to improve your skin and I agree, it's time! Don't wait until the damage is so far gone and then think oh a facial or surgery will fix this 🤦‍♀️Let's get to work on it NOW together!

Skin care is a journey and I am here to help guide you 😍



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